He course of studies is based on the syllabus prescribed by N.C.E.R.T.. The school curriculum is not on & simulating but also eau emely precise in it’s approach. The medium or instruction is Engish. the international languageof today Finclihowever.has a vital role in the curriculun and is taught daily in all standards.

The education of Fatima Public School is liberal and universal but at the same time it is Indian and Grmty rooted in Iidian isloryend tradirmn. The curriculum therefore embraces English (literature 6 composition), Hind (literature 6 composition). Social Studies. Mathematws. Science. Accountancy 6 Commerce. Art Craft, Games. Music. Tae-kwondo & Physical education along multi vocational course.

Ide Fashion design is also included in the curricukim. An additional subject of prime impor tance Environmental Education lEVS) and MoralscienCe is also included in the curriculum.

Fatima Public school was established on 8th December 2011 in the heartland of Hindi to richly and fabulously thrive English studies under CBSE Curriculum with a view of awakening the intellects of student.

  • Hathgaon,Fatehpur UP
  • (+91) 894-892-4690